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I wanted to read the Bhagavad Gita for as long as I remember. Celebrated as the “Holy Book of the Hindus”, this book sure is a powerhouse of wisdom. The Bhagavad Gita doesn’t need any introductions, it is well known to be a guide to spiritual seekers or any person invested to know more about life, yoga, the soul. Lately, as I introspect a lot about my thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes, I find a strange call towards spirituality. As any other neophyte, I took to books to understand more. I’ve read books and listened to numerous lectures of many…

The Ocean is a teaching institution. As benign it might seem, it can get very powerful. It’s a boon to just sit back and enjoy the blue waters, the relaxing sound of the waves that smoothly hit the ocean banks and the calming sound of the moving sand. This sound is used for sleep therapy and ASMR.

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The ocean calms the mind. It can make us forget our worldly troubles for a moment and just relax. The big beautiful sky only juxtaposes with the ocean and nobody else! As I admire this scintillating beauty (mostly digitally lately), what do I…

I don’t know what’s with me and insights. I guess it’s the depth at which I comprehend things. But life as I understand is a wonderful insight.

Insight is to understand something so deeply, the nuances of it, the beauty of it. Every happening has a reason. Every thing that moves, every one who talks, every moment that passes. Every second has a rhythm. We ourselves have a whole universe inside us. Our beating heart, moving fingers, thinking mind, the processing brain, the eyes, nose, every single hormone, they work in such harmony. I close my eyes and I open…

The Himalayas (

The Himalayas are nothing less of a wonder. A moment looking at their majesty can make any person fall in love with them and arouse the curiosity to explore. For the Himalayas are not just a range of gargantuan mountain peaks, but a storehouse of sacred knowledge where numerous monks/sadus/munis meditate and their hymns vibrate across the length and breadth of the Himalayas. For a Hindu, it is all the more auspicious as the Himalayas are called Kailash referring to the Lord Shiva, the Adiyogi, the Lord of the Universe.

Early life:

This book takes us through the spiritual journey of a…

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I wonder if a diamond knows who it really is,

If all it thinks is it is but a stone,
If all it thinks is it’s rugged surface,
If all it thinks is the mud smeared on it,
If all it thinks is the dark volcano it is found in,
If all it thinks is it’s lack of shape,
If all it thinks is the rough setting.

Oh Diamond,
Why wait for the rain to clear off the mud,
for you to shine?
Why wait for someone to mine you,
for you to value yourself? …

This article is a gist of the chapter named “The Secret of Work” from the book “Selections from the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda”, published by Advaita Ashrama, India. As I was reading this chapter, I was mind blown by Swami Vivekananda’s views and thought process. His prolific thinking is simply unmatched and I felt truly blessed to even read his work. Hence wanted to share the message of this piece. Hereon, with deep reverence I would be addressing Swami Vivekananda as Swami.

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Assume the human mind is a lake, every action has some effect on the mind, hence the…

van gogh-the starry night

I practice to shut my feelings,
of love,
of mounting guilt,
of sadness.

I practice to smile,
for it can veil my gloomy eyes,
for it can make somebody else smile,
for it can, for a moment, make my pain disappear.

I practice not to share my unstable mind,
as I am brought up to become perfect,
And in the process I thought I was too.

I practice to be kind and soft spoken,
as it is very lady-like to do so,
Else I become an epitome of how a girl shouldn’t be.

I practice to blend in at all…

The Thinker — Kristin,

Why is a person just? Or why is a person unjust?
Just like the “Chicken or the egg” dilemma, I seem to wonder which really came first, justice or Injustice, thus calling it the “Justice or Injustice dilemma”. For I believe, understanding the origin of a phenomenon can help us gain a clear understanding of it’s causalities.

Rather than comprehending this as a universal problem, I’d rather break it down to the doings of humans.

Is a human born just or unjust?

The society or individual experiences we face as we grow can be quickly thought of to answer this…

Look at this picture, what do you see?

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Assume you saw this at your home, in the fruit basket. What do you see?
We all see an orange right? or a mandarine if you wish or what ever you call this citrus fruit.
So, my point being, we see things as they exist, don’t we…?

But our senses don’t stop at that. There is some thinking we do. Maybe like-
Oh damn, it’s been three days I bought this orange, no one seems to want to eat it. I feel like I eat all the leftover fruits in this house.
Ahh! I…

Life is all about the choices we make and decisions we take. “A human being’s state of mind is something most accurately accessed with a full capacity of hindsight” *. There’s so much truth to this statement. We somehow become very conscious and just while judging our decisions at hindsight; Karma being hindsight’s alter ego to blame or to reason. This serves as no rationale preface to the story that follows. Although, it might, in hindsight!

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Hope was madly in love with Dream. But he doubted if she reciprocated that love. Dream was always nice to him, speaking about what…

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